CabGrid Pro version 5.7 introduces the following new features and changes.

CabGrid Pro version 5.7 is a free update available to all CabGrid Pro version 5 and later users.
The update is available via your WordPress admin either under UPDATES or PLUGINS.

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Option to use drop-down menus for passenger, luggage, ticket and time inputs

Other than the VEHICLES layout, CabGrid Pro requires customers to input numbers in order to calculate a price. These could be the number of passengers, the quantity of luggage, the number of tickets, or time units. By default, CabGrid Pro uses HTML number input elements as these can be constrained and limited. They also enable the number pad input on mobile devices.

However, some users have asked for these inputs to be constructed with a drop-down menu (an HTML <select> element). CabGrid Pro version 5.7 now allows for this by setting a shortcode attribute (or Gutenberg block setting).

For example: [cabGridPro dropdown="y"]

Formula validation to insure price calculation formulae are properly defined

Prior to CabGrid Pro version 5.7, price modification formulae were not validated. This meant that, if an invalid formula or syntax was entered, the calculation could fail and not present any feedback as to why.

Formulae entered in the OPTIONS tab of CabGrid Pro version 5.7 is now validated to insure the correct syntax is used and no error occurs.

Rewritten link system

CabGrid Pro requires access to various resources in order to function. Some hosts and web servers can be configured in such a way as to block access to these resources.

In CabGrid Pro version 5.7 we have rewritten the mechanisms used to connect to WordPress resources such that they do not violate any security or configuration restrictions.

In general, this makes CabGrid more reliable and WordPress more secure. Most users will not notice any changes, but CabGrid will now run on a greater variety of servers/providers. 

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