CabGrid Pro version 5.6 introduces the following new features and changes.

CabGrid Pro version 5.6 is a free update available to all CabGrid Pro version 5 and later users.
The update is available via your WordPress admin either under UPDATES or PLUGINS.

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  • Cab Grid now uses optimised image versions (size can be defined in _settings.php or Defaults add-on)
  • Option to turn off the price float (shown when Cab Grid scrolls off page) in OPTIONS tab
  • Close icon on price float to allow customer to close/dismiss floating banner.
  • Sort areas in table shortcode by priority. Defaults to alphabetical.
  • Built-in booking form fields become optional when visually hidden
  • Option to send copies and blind copies of customer mail messages to admin via _settings.php
  • Option to force Cab Grid Compatible version of jQuery Validate to load (via _settings.php)
  • Option to prevent full Cab Grid Pro load if robot visitor. Use global setting $cabGridContentIfRobot to render alternative content.
  • Validate Paypal ID (email)
  • When language flag clicked page reload scrolls to Cab Grid Pro instance
  • Option to specify default Cab Grid Pro booking page (used for link to make an additional booking) in _settings.php

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