Vehicle based pricingWe’re delighted to announce the availability of Cab Grid Pro version 2. This update includes several new features and under the hood enhancements. This article discusses these new features and enhancements.

Data Storage

Previously, Cab Grid Pro made use of WordPress’s built in database tables to store options and price details. After a certain point this became unwieldy and slow so, in Cab Grid Pro version 2.0, data is stored in dedicated database tables. This should result in increased speed and reliability – especially for those with a large number of areas and/or vehicles.

Area/Vehicle Input

In Cab Grid Pro v1.x you had to pre-define the number of areas and vehicles in the options tab. Now you can just add new vehicles and areas directly in their respective tabs.

With the data storage updates, both vehicle and area names can be changed without losing prices. Previously, changes meant re-entering journey prices which could be very time consuming.

Updates as you type

Any edits to prices, vehicle parameters or areas are now saved automatically as you type so there’s no need to keep clicking a save button.

Vehicle Images and Luggage

Vehicles can now have a luggage capacity specified that is factored into price look-ups. The Gab Grid Pro customer interface now requests the amount of luggage to be transported.

An image can also be assigned to each vehicle. This image is shown to the user along with the price or as part of the vehicle selection.

Price lookups by vehicle selection

You can now (optionally) have the Cab Grid Pro customer interface display a list of vehicles rather than passenger/luggage input. The default setting is defined in the OPTIONS tab, although (as of version 2.4) you can also define this in the shortcode by using the ‘layout’ attribute.

Paypal Payments for Taxi Journeys

A Paypal ID (usually your email address) can be specified at the bottom of the OPTIONS tab. If this is specified, the customer will be shown a PAY NOW button after completing the booking form. This will direct them to Paypal where they can make a payment using their Paypal account, or a credit or debit card.

Custom Taxi Booking Form Fields

In version 2.1 we are introducing custom booking form fields. This means it is possible to add any number of additional form fields to the booking form. These can be one-line text fields, multi-line text areas, select boxes (drop down menus), radio buttons (multiple choice), or checkboxes (multiple values).

For more information on how these are configured, please see the Custom Booking Form Fields article.

Assign places (destinations) to groups

As of version 2.3 destinations (areas) can be assigned to one or more groups to form different instances of Cab Grid Pro. More info in this article.

Tickets layout

As of version 2.6 there is a new ‘tickets’ layout option. (example, how to)

This layout is ideal for municipal transport services such as coaches, buses, trains or aeroplanes… This layout offers one number input for the number of tickets required. When the user selects a journey, the price provided is the journey price multiplied by the number of tickets required.

So 2 tickets for a £10 journey will result in a price of £20.00 being displayed.

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