Hide Unsupported Destinations

Hide Unsupported Destinations

Populate the destination list based on the selected pick-up location…
Cab Grid Pro v5.2 now supports the option to disable destinations where no price has been configured. Customers select a pick-up location (origin) and the destination list will adjust dynamically to only show journeys that have a price set.

Auto-enter return prices

Auto-enter return prices

When the ‘Automatically update empty corresponding [return] prices as you type?’ box is ticked, the corresponding return (or opposite direction) price will be entered in the pricing table

Cab Grid Pro Shortcode Attributes

Cab Grid Pro Shortcode Attributes

Cab Grid Pro’s shortcode supports attributes that can adjust the appearance and functionality of each instance of Cab Grid on your website. This article discusses what shortcode attribute are available and how to implement them (Layout/ID/Icons/Luggage/Pre-defined).

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