Upgrade to Cab Grid Pro version 5.0

Cab Grid Pro version 5.0 is a paid upgrade released on 4th September 2018. Please find notes for upgrading from version 4 or earlier below and request an upgrade by completing the form on the right.

Manual Installation

Once the new version has been paid for and downloaded, the update needs to be applied manually (in the same way earlier versions were updated). This page gives details of the process (including a tutorial video): https://cabgrid.com/help-and-support/updating-cab-grid-pro/

Re-save Options

Once Cab Grid Pro v5 is installed, please visit the OPTIONS in the Cab Grid Pro admin panel. There, please check options and click SAVE CHANGES at the bottom to insure the latest options are applied.

Re-save Permalinks

Cab Grid Pro uses a new link structure. Because of this it is advisable to re-save WordPress permalink settings. To do this go to WordPress Admin > Settings > Permalinks and click SAVE CHANGES at the bottom twice. (more info)

Clear Cache

If any caching plugin or system is in use, clear (or reset) it so that the latest Cab Grid Pro files are used.

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