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Have you seen the tutorial videos on the installation and configuration page?

These describe how to install the the Cab Grid plugin on your WordPress website and how to configure it to display taxi fare prices and take bookings.

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    Cash Payment Options

    This article and accompanying video tutorial describe mechanisms for offering customers a cash payment option in CabGrid.

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    Changing the Return/One-Way Icon Button with CSS Styling

    CSS code snippets for Cab Grid Pro version 5 and above that change the appearance of the one-way/return button icon shown in the plugin calculator interface. These snippets can be added to the Custom CSS box under the OPTIONS tab in the Cab Grid Pro WordPress admin page.

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    Driver Dispatch Add-on Setup

    The Cab Grid Driver Add-on plugin allows drivers to be added and managed through the WordPress admin interface. Drivers can be assigned to taxi bookings and sent notifications by email or SMS text message. Customers can also be notified when a driver is assigned to their booking.

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    Error: Email Sending Problem

    This error message may appear on the Cab Grid Pro admin page: EMAIL SENDING PROBLEM: We have been unable to send a test email. There may be a problem with your hosting settings. Please insure you have set up your server correctly to send email. Click here to...

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