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Have you seen the tutorial videos on the installation and configuration page?

These describe how to install the the Cab Grid plugin on your WordPress website and how to configure it to display taxi fare prices and take bookings.

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    How to use CabGrid Pro v5 Alt Styles

    CabGrid Pro version 5.8.14 includes a new set of built-in styles. Selecting these styles means custom CSS for these styles need not be entered in the custom CSS box. To use these styles, select ‘Alternative Styles v5’ under BASE STYLES in the OPTIONS tab of the CabGrid Pro WordPress admin panel.

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    Troubleshooting the CabGrid Stripe Integration Add-on Plugin

    The CabGrid Stripe Integration add-on adds Stripe payment processing to the CabGrid price calculator and booking plugin. If not properly configured the Stripe add-on may not function as expected. Here are some things to check if the Stripe payment option is not offered at the end of the booking process…

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    Cab Grid Support Articles

    Cab Grid Basic Edition Install & Setup Video Tutorial

    Cab Grid Basic Edition Install & Setup Video Tutorial

    Video tutorial showing installing the plugin from the WordPress plugin directory, activating the Cab Grid plugin, configuring the currency symbol and changing messages, adding areas and specifying prices, and publishing the taxi price calculator on your WordPress website

    Cab Grid Pro ReadMe

    Please scroll through to see the CHANGE LOG... Cab Grid Pro users can upgrade to the latest version from their WordPress Admin Panel. Any available update will be shown on either the UPDATES page or the PLUGINS page.

    Error: Email Sending Problem

    This error message may appear on the Cab Grid Pro admin page: EMAIL SENDING PROBLEM: We have been unable to send a test email. There may be a problem with your hosting settings. Please insure you have set up your server correctly to send email. Click here to...

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