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CabGrid Tutorial

The video below shows how to install and configure the basic version of the CabGrid taxi fare price calculator plugin for WordPress. We’ll look at installing the plugin from the WordPress plugin directory, activating the CabGrid plugin, configuring the currency symbol and changing the message that accompanies prices. Then we’ll look at adding areas and specifying prices for journeys between each area. We will also cover customising the appearance of the calculator using the CSS styles section. Lastly, we’ll look at publishing the taxi price calculator on your WordPress website.

CabGrid Pro Tutorial

CabGrid version 5 has been released. We are busy making new tutorial videos for this. Whilst the videos below are still largely relevant, there will be some differences. Please stay tuned for new tutorial video and see posts in the support section at the bottom of this page.

The video below shows how to install and configure the CabGrid Pro plugin for WordPress – a simple A to B taxi fare price calculator. We will walk you through installing the plugin via the ‘Add New’ > ‘Upload Plugin’ feature, activating the plugin and access CabGrid Pro configuration settings. Then look at changing the currency symbol, increasing the number of areas and vehicles, and adding prices for each combination of areas and taxi vehicle. Lastly, we’ll look at publishing the price calculator on your site through the shortcode ‘[cabgridpro]’

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Cab Grid Pro ReadMe

Please scroll through to see the CHANGE LOG... Cab Grid Pro users can upgrade to the latest version from their WordPress Admin Panel. Any available update will be shown on either the UPDATES page or the PLUGINS page.

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