Local currency support

Local currency support

Cab Grid can process online payments via Paypal (built-in) or other payment gateways (via add-ons). But what if your local currency is not supported by any of the payment gateways we offer?….

One solution is to use the deposit/surcharge field to convert the local currency price to a currency supported by the chosen payment gateway…

Cab Grid Pro Admin Error/Warning Messages

Cab Grid Pro Admin Error/Warning Messages

Cab Grid generates error or warning messages when it encounters a misconfiguration. Detailed error/warning messages are usually only displayed to Wordpress admin users. They are not displayed to regular users or customers. This article details some common error messages or warnings and what possible solutions might be…

Cab Grid Pro Stripe Payment Processing Add-on v2 Configuration

Cab Grid Pro Stripe Payment Processing Add-on v2 Configuration

This article describes each of the options available under the STRIPE tab in Cab Grid Pro. The Stripe tab is available when the Cab Grid Pro Stripe Integration add-on is installed and activated. Stripe provides a means for users to process online payments using credit cards (e.g. Visa or MasterCard or American Express), debit cards, or bank transfers (via iDEAL, GiroPay or SoFort).

Is Cab Grid GDPR Compliant?

Cab Grid does not store any customer data. All booking data is sent to administrators via email for offline processing. If the Booking Management Add-on is installed & active, booking data is stored on the server and customer consent may be required. This article provides details.

Stripe Integration

Stripe Integration

Stripe is an alternative card processing provider. Stripe offers a more integrated checkout experience. It is easy to sign up for and supports more currencies.
We’ve done the integration work to provide a Stripe add-in plugin for Cab Grid Pro. This makes it super-easy to take card payments for journeys calculated through Cab Grid Pro.

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